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California Freight

Maple Gate Freight Systems California

Running and operating a large business in California can be very costly and requires the utmost efficiency in all areas of operation. Whether your business is based in California, does business in California or transports product through the state, the very best logistical solutions are required to help make your company more profitable. Whether a company is transporting to or from a warehouse, to a client, or to production plant, another logistical matter which must be considered is the transportation of goods and materials. Some companies decide to purchase their own fleet of trucks, however there are many factors that show that this may not be the most cost efficient decision.

Before purchasing a truck, one must consider the many different costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the vehicle. Firstly the price of a top of line transport truck can be very expensive. In addition once the truck is purchased it must also be insured and serviced regularly. There is also the cost of hiring drivers, benefits and of course the cost of fuel. As the price of fuel continues to fluctuate drastically, fuel can be very expensive. With all of these factors combined, it becomes very evident that outsourcing your transportation needs is the most cost efficient way of getting your goods shipped.

Maple Gate offers logistical services to clients throughout North America and has established facilities in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We will help you plan, implement and control the efficient flow of your goods from the point of origin to destination. We have the experience, the team and the network in place to take care of your transportation requirements.

Maple Gate ensures 100% satisfaction guaranteed. For more information call us now at (905) 567-8810 or toll free at 1 (800) 320-0524. You can also send us an email by visiting Maple Gate Freight