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Chicago Logistical Freight Services

Maple Gate Freight Systems Inc. has a well-established network of centres in and around Chicago, Illinois that focuses on the logistical needs behind trucking goods to major cities across Canada and the U.S.

Chicago has long been a preferred destination for successful industries. Business managers who are looking to transport less-than-truckload (LTL) or full truckload (FTL) shipments know they can count on Maple Gate Freight for easy, accessible distribution to and from this economic hub.

Whether you are based in Canada or the U.S., our intra state and cross-border shipping service and professional staff makes transporting cargo from city-to-city a convenient and affordable solution for Maple Gate Freight customers.

Each team managing Maple Gate Freight’s logistical trucking system in Chicago has customer satisfaction first and foremost on their mind. That means our staff works diligently with each client to anticipate each issue that could arise during transportation from the time the goods are shipped until the moment the cargo has arrived to its destination.

From passing customs to dealing with local freight charges, Maple Gate Freight’s Chicago team is well-equipped to advise our clients on any concern, including the following:

  • Rules regarding the transportation of certain substances and materials

  • Freight costs on imports and exports across the Canada-U.S. border

  • Necessary government documents plus associated costs

  • Cross-border tarrifs

  • Insurance fees and requirements

  • Maple Gate Freight’s clients have access to the same quality full-service distribution systems beyond Chicago, whether their shipping needs are destined inter-state/province, cross-country or cross-border.

    Maple Gate Freight’s Canadian destinations include Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver while the company’s American destinations cross from Chicago to Los Angeles and everywhere in between.

    Our professional approach to transportation logistics leaves our clients satisfied and confident that their shipping needs will be met. Contact a Maple Gate Freight logistics team today to find out how we can provide your business with the most efficient, cost-effective solution to your transport needs.