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Drop Deck and Extenable Trailers- Logistical Equipment

At Maple Gate Freight Inc., we have one of the largest selections of drop-deck and extendable trailers available out of any Canadian Logistical company.

Drop-deck trailers

  • Drop-deck trailers facilitate the task of transporting goods by allowing the cargo to be loaded at or near ground level, depending on the type of drop deck that is required.

  • Our trailers are available with various deck heights and are equipped with ramp holders that securely latch on to several types of loading ramps. Loading angles can also be adjusted to suit the specifics of your cargo.

  • A Maple Gate Freight drop-deck trailer is the safest and most efficient way to handle large shipments.

  • Extendable trailers

  • Maple Gate Freight extendable trailers are built with an extendable track that helps make loading easy and fast.

  • The extendable track allows the user to adjust the length of the trailer without having to manipulate the air and electrical lines. In fact, the air and electrical lines run through the extendable track.

  • Maple Gate Freight’s extendable trailer fleet comes with additional locks and is available in a variety of different width and length sizes.

  • Each Maple Gate Freight trailer is built strong enough to withstand excessive weight and durable to ensure your shipment is protected during long trucking journeys across Canada and the U.S.

    At Maple Gate Freight, safety is a top priority. Each trailer is built with a sturdy design and advanced mechanics.

    The drop deck and extendable flatbeds were built with heavy-duty steel beams, knee braces, thick rubber bumpers, mud flaps and outfitted with superior sealed lighting to increase visibility on nightly road trips.

    Maple Gate Freight knows that maximizing cargo space is essential to our clients because it makes a difference to their financial bottom line. Our trailers are built to be lightweight but strong and spacious to maximize the amount of goods that can be loaded onto the truck.

    Ask one of our representatives about our drop-deck and extendable trailers and they will recommend a truck with a weight capacity that suits your needs.