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Less than Truckload (LTL)

• Reliable Service
• Faster Delivery Times
• Accurate deliveries within Fixed Time Windows
• Competitive Prices

Maple Gate Freight Systems Inc. offers Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) programs to meet your needs. Maple Gate takes pride on keeping the process of moving your goods in a simple, efficient and cost effective method including the transportation of relatively small freight that can not be accommodated by parcel carriers or would be too expensive to ship as a full truckload. Our LTL pricing is available in a convenient per skid format. Our service is direct, which eliminates extra handling and improves transit times, the condition of your freight upon arrival and allows us to provide you with great pricing.

We serve all the USA and Canada and we have developed a niche between our facilities in Canada and the U.S. Midwest and Southwest, where our pricing and service are unbeatable.

Per Skid Shipping

Maple Gates’ LTL service is available in a convenient per skid format. For example a shipment of 1 skid or pallet containing 100 boxes shrink wrapped to form one piece rather than 100 individual pieces. This reduces handling costs and the risk of damage during transit.

Maple Gate’s LTL service will allow you to ship your shipment the way you need to ship it and not have it broken down into smaller and more costly units in order to ship it via a parcel service.

Our LTL service will transport your shipment for a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck and trailer for an exclusive shipment.

Maple Gate’s LTL service offers shippers service reliability, faster delivery times and accurate deliveries within fixed time windows, all at a competitive price.

We have the experience, the people and the network in place to offer our personalized approach to all your transportation needs and assist you to successfully manage your moves to the areas where they are required. Our established network throughout North America with facilities in key centres in the USA including Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles and in Canada including Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver provides you with full distribution services throughout Canada and the USA.

Trace your Shipment Online

Maple Gate has implemented online shipment tracking which allows you, the customer, to stay in contact with your shipment at all times.

Although LTL is our specialty we can service your truckload needs with the same enthusiasm and commitment to great pricing and service throughout Canada and the USA.

Maple Gate’s LTL team is at your service to plan with you and provide you with comprehensive shipping services at competitive rates throughout the USA and Canada.