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Logistics With A Personal Touch

Maple Gate’s long history of over the road, customized personal logistical solutions are at your service. We will assist you in planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and effective flow of your goods from the point of origin to the end point while conforming to your requirements and meeting your satisfaction. Whether Full Truckload (FTL) or Less Than Truckload (LTL) we will set the appropriate timeline and ensure your shipment is delivered on time. We will also work with you to ensure that our prices meet your budget requirements.

Offering logistical services to our customers was a logical supplement to our overall service mix. We have the experience, the people and the network in place to offer our personalized approach to all your transportation needs and assist you to successfully manage your shipments to the areas where they are required.

Logistical service across North America

Maple Gate logistical service is more than our logistics centre in Toronto, with its ample warehouse space for short and long term storage; We offer you an established network throughout North America with facilities in key centres in the USA including Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles and in Canada including Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver thus providing you with full distribution services throughout Canada and the USA.

Maple Gate is about logistics and customer service of transport which is essential to ensuring the successful delivery of your shipment on all your inter-state, inter-province or inter-territories road transportation needs.

It is through Maple Gate’s network that our transportation system continues to adapt itself to the changing market conditions and volumes, while delivering the highest level of service at the lowest cost.

At Maple Gate we offer you a variety of road transportation vehicles and containers to meet your over the road, intermodal and specialized transportation and container needs. Our logistics team will work with you to ensure the transportation equipment that meet your requirements- no more and no less.

Online Shipment Tracking

Maple Gate has implemented Online Shipment Tracking which allows you, the customer, to stay in contact with your shipment at all times. Maple Gate is at your service to plan with you and provide you with comprehensive shipping services at competitive rates throughout the USA and Canada.