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Logistical Systems- Roll-Tite or Rack and Tarp

At Maple Gate Freight, we offer the most secure and convenient tarping systems in the industry in an effort to help our clients safely transport their cargo across Canada and the U.S. with maximum protection to their shipment.

Depending on the nature of the shipment, Maple Gate Freight clients can choose between Roll-Tite products or the rack and tarp system.

Both systems are easy to use, safe for the road and designed to protect a large amount of cargo from severe weather and other challenges that come up during long trucking journeys across North America.


Roll-Tite is a retractable tarping system that has set the standard for excellence for the past 20 years. Retractable tarps are easy to use and often can be opened or closed in a matter of minutes. They are often designed so that the controller can safely operate the tarp from the ground.

Maple Gate Freight Roll-Tite tarps are made of lightweight but heavy-duty weatherproof fabric that is reinforced at specific spots for extra durability.

Each tarp covering is designed to protect the load without taking up any unnecessary cargo space. The tarps are outfitted with cargo straps and a track guard that holds the freight down and helps protects the shipment from incurring any impact damage. The tracks also have a rub rail for extra protection.

Rack and Tarp

This type of tarpaulin is made from a vinyl material that is reinforced to make it stronger against all weather conditions and other challenges of the open road. The tarp is even designed with so-called “hurricane straps” to effectively protect the cargo from large gusts of wind.

Maple Gate Freight’s rack and tarp kit are available in different sizes and heights to accommodate the size of any trailer. The aluminum bows that hoist the tarp up are lightweight but strong. Its design allows the operator to easily remove the tarp covering.

The rack and tarp system is designed with aluminum trim and is reinforced with fiberglass so that it stays in place firmly throughout the trucking journey.

There is nothing Maple Gate Freight tarp-covered trailers can’t haul away. As long as the object is not oversized for the trailer and can be tied down, a tarp will adequately protect the cargo.

Call a Maple Gate Freight representative today to find out which tarp-covered trailer will best suit your North-American shipping needs.