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Transport Equipment

Maple Gate offers a wide variety of transport equipment to meet all your shipping specifications and needs. Whatever is required to transfer your goods, Maple Gate has the equipment you need. Servicing all of Canada and the US, Maple Gate can get the job done right and on time with the best equipment on the market.

Dry Vans
We offer a variety of dry vans, some equipped with swing doors and others with roll up doors. Dry vans are the perfect transporting equipment for shipping items which need to stay dry such as clothing, paper, computers, toys and furniture.

Reefers are trucks that use nitrogen cooling and have insulated walls to keep deliveries fresh and safe. Reefers are the perfect transporting equipment for shipping items which need to remain cool in order to stay preserved such as produce, seafood, ice and flowers . Reefers can be set to a specific temperature to meet your needs.

For shipping large items such as tractors and large pieces of equipment , a flatdeck is the perfect equipment for larger shipments. Maple Gate Also handles oversize and over weight shipments.

Dropdecks are like a flatdeck with a low deck in the center to accommodate high loads that would be too tall on a regular flatdeck.

If you require larger transporting equipment, we also have Super B flatdecks, RGNs and lowboys. With our top of the line transporting equipment we can provide you with the service you need. To find out which transporting equipment is best suited for your shipment and to receive a free quote click here or you can give a call and speak directly with one of our customer service representatives. We will respond to your request within the next business hour.