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Trucking Fleets and the Challenges of Running one

Running a trucking fleet can be a costly part of doing business but the most successful companies know that their cheapest and best alternative is using Maple Gate Freight for all their North-American shipping needs.

Maple Gate Freight’s services allow our clients to focus on their business while we take care of all the issues and expenses that come with running a fleet.

Our staff at Maple Gate Freight are experienced and knowledgeable about the trucking industry and make it a priority to stay on top of all the issues and latest regulations. As a result, our clients are the among the best informed and are at ease sending their cargo without fearing surprise last-minute costs or problems with the delivery of their shipment.

A recent report by the American Transportation Research Institute revealed the top ten critical issues that challenge the trucking industry.

Among them:

  • Fuel prices

  • Troubled economy

  • Government regulations

  • Congestion

  • General road/maintenance costs

  • Soaring fuel prices have crippled trucking companies looking to ship freight across North America. As a large company with a significant number of trucks at their disposal, Maple Gate Freight has had a considerable advantage in negotiating fuel prices.

    At Maple Gate Freight, we always pass on those savings to ensure we have a competitive advantage to offer our clients.

    In this economy, we know companies are shopping around for the best deals on shipping and trucking prices. We know that offering clients the best value for a large selection of trucks is the only way to keep them coming back to Maple Gate Freight.

    Aside from fuel costs, independent operators also have to trouble themselves with keeping up with stringent, costly government regulations that are imposed on the trucking industry.

    New environmental policies have destroyed independent companies who have been forced to implement emission-reduction and anti-idling initiatives while world events have also forced operators to do excessive security checks on their staff to make sure they are prepared at the border crossing.

    At Maple Gate Freight, our business is to stay on top of the changes and to make sure our fleet and the freight we carry meets the standards at every checkpoint.

    Whether it be rising road tolls, long-term highway construction or new requirements at the border, Maple Gate Freight always has the best advice for customers on how to ensure their materials are delivered on time and without problems.

    Running your own fleet and shipping your own freight is an expensive and problematic endeavor. Let Maple Gate Freight take the pressure off your company by allowing you to do what you do best while we take care of the best in North American shipping. Give us a call today!