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US Interstate Shipping

Maple Gate Freight Systems Inc. specializes in providing customized logistical solutions to customers seeking to transport less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload freight shipments throughout North America. Maple Gate has a long history of providing over the road freight transportation services within Canada and across the Canada-USA border. We have particularly developed a successful delivery niche between our facilities in Canada and the US Midwest and Southwest.

Maple Gate Freight Systems Inc. is proud to announce that we recently expanded our services and have now added US interstate shipping to our list of services. We are now able to service customers wishing to transport LTL and truckload freight shipments from points of origin in the USA to other destinations in the States.

Why choose Maple Gate Freight Systems Inc. for all of your US interstate shipping needs?

  • Maple Gate has a long history of providing logistical and over the road LTL and truckload shipping services
  • We have already established a very successful delivery niche in the US Midwest and Southwest

  • Maple Gate has established logistical facilities in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, expanding our serviceable areas

  • We have done our research and are aware of all interstate transportation laws and documents so that we can deliver your freight to its destination in a timely manner, without any delays

  • Our rates are affordable and competitively priced in comparison to other freight companies who provide US interstate shipping services

  • Maple Gate offers short term storage and long term storage facilities to customers who may require this option for one reason or another

  • Our shipping equipment and vehicles are in excellent shape, well maintained and suitable for transportation of various load sizes

  • Maple Gate provides on-line quotes, PODís and tracking and tracing services

  • Our aim is to strive for 100% customer satisfaction from our management to our drivers, you can always count on Maple Gate to provide professional, courteous, knowledgeable service

If your business is based in the USA or Canada and you are looking for superb interstate logistical and freight transportation services, call Maple Gate Freight Systems Inc. today. We can be reached by Email or call toll free at 800-320-0524.

Trust Maple Gate Freight Systems Inc. for all your LTL and truckload freight transportation needs. We guarantee that you will not regret it!