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Vancouver Logistical Services

In order to run a successful business, most companies outsource certain aspects of the business. Outsourcing is crucial as it allows companies to keep focused on areas of the business which brings in revenue. Relying on companies that specialize in specific operational services will save you time and money. Instead of creating and pouring money into a department which is dedicated to handling one aspect of the production process, it is much more cost efficient to outsource.

Depending on the company there can be many different areas of the business which can be outsourced. For example, there are many companies which outsource their telemarketing to companies which specialize in over the phone sales. Instead of creating and maintaining a new department which involves, paying employees, buying equipment etc, it is much more cost effective to outsource this area of the business.

Nowadays, one of the most common services which is outsourced is shipping and transporting. Many companies choose to outsource this part of the business, due to the extremely high costs involved. The man power, equipment and other costs associated with shipping and transporting goods can be astronomical. In addition to paying the driver, other employees are needed to load and unload the trucks. To purchase and maintain transport equipment is extremely expensive and gas prices are constantly on the rise. With all the costs involved with running such a department, most companies run the risk of taking a loss.

Maple Gate Freight Systems will work closely with your company to develop customized logistical services which suit your business needs. If your business requires transportation of goods or materials, Maple Gate can manage and execute your logistical requirements. Maple Gate Freight Systems is equipped with the necessary tools needed in order to provide you with your transporting needs. To view our fleet, please visit our equipment page.

Maple Gate Freight has a number facilities strategically located in Canada and the US. Our facilities have been set up in key cities such as Vancouver. Vancouver is a densely populated and growing city. It is located on the Pacific Ocean and borders the US along the west coast. Due to the location of the city, product entering or leaving Canada along the west coast is usually stored or passes through Vancouver. If you have a business that ships or stores material/product in or around Vancouver, you can rely on Maple Gate Freight to effectively take care of your logistical needs.

Maple Gate Freight has the experience, the team and the network in place to take care of your logistical needs. We ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed. For more information you can Email Us, or call us now at (905) 567-8810 or call toll free at 1(800) 320-0524.